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Roben Kosek Jazz & Blues: Press

Really fine singing and playing. Check them out! :)
Sandra Steubing (Jan 10, 2016)
"You guys are magical!"
Staff member at The Brook Tavern, Saratoga Springs (Jun 17, 2016)
"Love you all - You are my go-to gals!"
Michael Weidrich - Executive Director Capital Pride Albany NY (Jul 28, 2016)
October 2, 2015
Great show tonight! So glad we stopped by!!
Joanna Peterson Palladino, singer in Off The Record (Dec 5, 2016)
Your band is fabulous! Love your bass player!
Katie Hooper - Dance Flurry attendee (Feb 14, 2015)
"Led by powerhouse vocalist Terri Roben and accomplished jazz guitarist MaryAnn Kosek, this local combo specializes in a wide array of jazz and blues favorites."
Tulip Festival Program 2015 (May 9, 2015)


Terri is absolutely unbelievable as our music teacher. She connects so well with my daughter and all the other children as well. She truly teaches music from her heart and it shows on the faces of the children. The class is wonderful and makes me appreciate the art of music especially when I hear my daughter singing the songs learned it class during bedtime, in the car or even during bath time. This class has opened her up in many ways and the expression of music will be a life long reward to her.
a happy Music Together parent (Jan 19, 2011)
We were fortunate to meet Terri Roben last spring during the Music Melody class at the Burnt Hills Ballston Lake Library. Since then, we have frequented the class and have taken several Music Together classes under her instruction. Terri is incredibly gifted musically. Her passion for music is contagious and it is easy to find oneself smiling and singing along with her. I marvel at how she is able to seamlessly incorporate learning musical concepts into fun and silly activities that the kids truly enjoy. She also makes it a point to connect with every child in her class making them feel special and letting them know that they matter. That is such a valuable quality in a teacher. Terri is the type of teacher who has such a positive impact that the child will remember her for a lifetime. I would highly recommend Terri for any class or program involving music and children. She has been a tremendous influence on my daughter Norah’s development and love of music.
Jodi Chang - parent of student (May 13, 2015)


Fabulous work Terri! I absolutely loved your Java Jazz release.
You've never sounded better and the band was a tremendous bunch of fun.
Roger Allen - friend/fellow musician
"Your new CD is amazing.
Your musically creative "other" voice is fantastically down south and earthy!
The drumming sounds wonderful and the cello is haunting.
The mandolin, kazoo and juice harp are exquisite.
Bravo, bravo!!
I am proud to be a part of it. "
Gail Smallwood - friend
Peter and I are really enjoying it. I cried during the ones about your mom and your dad... I was driving, I could barely see! I think my favorites are Teaching Recovery (so
funny) and A Great Capacity. I like the bongo (?) drums..."
Trine Giaever - friend
"...we’re pleased as punch to be part of Terri Roben’s excellent new album, "The Path We Make". We back her up on three songs: Terri’s original tunes "Shiny Brand New" and "Teaching Recovery", and Terri’s jaunty little cover of Holly Near’s "Santa Monica Pier". We had a great time recording with her over at Bender Studio last year, but we had even more fun playing the tunes with her in concert at her CD release party at Caffe Lena."
I rarely comment on music on cdbaby, but wanted to say I was quite moved by the clip of of Great Capacity. Will come back and listen more soon...
Arlene - a listener